Bella Vida in Cape Coral Florida

Bella Vida in Cape Coral, Florida

Looking for luxury living in Cape Coral? Bella Vida offers brand new & barely used large homes for sale. Bella Vida is an awesome community for those looking for luxury and entertainment. With awesome amenities like basketball courts, fitness center, pond, soccer field, swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court, community center & playground area along with a picnic area you’ll never be at a loss for things to do! Offering security, Bella Vida is also gated and the HOA fees even include lawn care!

Bella Vida is located in the NE section of Cape Coral with quick access to Punta Gorda, Pt Charlotte, N. Ft Myers and downtown Ft. Myers as well.

Check out some of these homes in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) & also don’t forget to reach out to one of our professional real estate agents here at Florida Future Realty, Inc. to assist you with a new construction home in Bella Vida as well.

Not looking for a single family home in Bella Vida? Did you know that there are also some awesome townhomes available as well? Well it’s true, check out these awesome Bella Vida townhomes for sale:

Moving to Cape Coral, Florida?

Moving to Cape Coral, Florida?

Are you considering a move to Cape Coral, Florida? Looking to learn more about the communities located in Cape Coral? We designed this just for YOU! Below are some of our most sought after criteria for homebuyers. While Cape Coral is an awesome SW Florida community with miles and miles of gorgeous canals; what we are not known for are many gated communities. While we do have some great gated communities with awesome amenities, most of the homes available here in Cape Coral are on stand alone quarter acre lots. That’s why we’ve broken down searches into communities and also criteria, like pool homes & waterfront homes! We hope you find these searches useful to get started but as you know, searches are no replacement for a knowledgable REALTOR so let us know when you are ready for help narrowing your search and checking out some of these homes in person! We look forward to working with you to find your dream home or investment property here in Cape Coral, Florida. Yours in Success, The Florida Future Realty team: 239-542-8521 or!

Gated Single Family Home Communities in Cape Coral, Florida:

Bella Vida
Cape Harbour
Cape Royale
Coral Lakes
Emerald Cove
Heatherwood Lakes
Tarpon Point Marina
Trafalgar Woods
West Cape Estates

Popular Search Criteria for Single Family Homes in Cape Coral, Florida:

Pool Homes

Waterfront Homes

Golf Course Communities

Riverfront home in Cape Coral

Should you buy or rent in Cape Coral today?

Cape Coral real estate Rent vs Buy Guide

Should you buy or should you rent? While our Cape Coral real estate office does not specifically handle rentals in Cape Coral we are familiar with rental rates and availability of rentals available in Cape Coral.

Just as a sampling I searched for available single family homes in SW Cape Coral (actually 33914 zip code). Only 21 came up in our local MLS. Of course not all owners & property managers use the MLS but a majority do. The rates ranged from one at $900 a month and the others started at $1,100 and went up from there. These were simple 3 bedroom houses, some with pools and a couple on the water. The ones on the water were over $2,000 upwards to $2,800. The average rental rate in SW Cape Coral (for a 3/2 single family home in 33914 zip code) ranged from $1500-1700/month. 

Cape Coral homes for rent in SW Cape Coral
Cape Coral homes for rent in SW Cape Coral

If you can possibly buy now you will save money. In this current market you can still buy 3 bedroom homes in SW Cape Coral for under $150,000. Let’s quickly assume you were going to obtain a 3.5% down FHA loan. The scenario would look something like this:

Purchase Price: $150,000

Down payment required: $5,250

Ask seller to pay up to 3% of your closing costs: $4,500 credit given towards closing costs

Possible interest rate: 5%

Loan Amount: $144,750

30 year loan

Insurance: $1,200/year (guestimates)

Taxes: $1,500/year (guestimates)

Your total monthly mortgage payment would be: $773.00 plus $118.00 for PMI

If you escrow in (usually required) your taxes & insurance that would be a total of $1116.00 per month.

Over a 5 year period that is a savings of $23,040.00 in payments alone (comparing $1,500 a month in rent) (90,000-$66,960)

If you figure even a 3% value increase each year you’d earn an additional $22,000 making the total savings (without factoring in repairs/maintenance)  $45,040.00

SW Cape Coral homes for sale under $150,000

You own your own home and have the security of knowing you are the one in the driver’s seat. Sure, you’ll need to make sure you have money in savings in case something needs repaired on your Cape Coral house. 

Ready to start your search for your new Cape Coral home? You can do that here: Search Cape Coral homes for sale. You can also call us at the office at 239-542-8521 or email to get started! We look forward to hearing from you!

Fannie Mae Gulf Access

Florida Future Realty and Fannie Mae homes around Cape Coral Florida

* Update as of Jan 2014: With the conversion from Rapattoni to Matrix it appears our ‘attached documents’ are not being shown. If you have access, please check rapattoni for the documents. Otherwise, you will find everything you need below or you can go to for instructions as well. *


Real estate agents in and around Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida, we appreciate your help in selling our Fannie Mae listings. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you & your buyers so we’ve created this page to assist you with the process. Fannie Mae requires certain forms and information to purchase their listings. Below you will find the necessary forms and details to assist you with your Fannie Mae offer.


Offer Negotiation & getting in touch with us

Fannie Mae, through the website has loads of information to assist you with your offer and closing as well. But we know that the first couple offers you put in may seem a little challenging at first. We want you and your buyers to have an easy time with the process and encourage you to call or email our office for assistance you cannot find through our site, mls or through fannie mae’s information. Typically speaking an email or text gets a faster response than leaving a voice message but please if you call and reach our voicemail leave a message and wait for a call back. We do return all calls promptly but sometimes we are on the other lines or with a customer. When you keep calling multiple times in a row it creates more work for our staff and agents. Your time is very important and we realize you are eager for status information but please allow us a reasonable timeframe to get back with you.


Property Status, Is it still available? What about the first look period? Are you still accepting offers?

You’ll find that 99.9% of the status’s are going to be correct in the MLS but once in a great while you may see an incorrect status prior to us being able to make the change. This can happen because we are negotiating in and also through our communication system with Fannie Mae and then updating the MLS once we have a status change. Every once in a while you could find the information incorrect on as well but we strive to keep everything correct. You can see the 15 day first look countdown on It may not be identical to days on market in the MLS. This could be for many different reasons but the typical reason is if it went off the market with an offer and then back on (Fannie Mae requires 15 days ON the market total prior to taking investor or second home buyers offers).


Fannie Mae Addendum and other Forms

Below is a list of documents commonly used when presenting an offer to Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae is very strict on having the contract & addendum filled out correctly. This includes proper information & signatures & initials where required. Our ‘how to’ form goes over it all but if you need any extra help let us know.

Fannie Mae Addendum to the Contract required on ALL offers – must be filled out completely properly (verify you are using the most recent version by checking on

FAR/BAR As-Is Contract for Sale & Purchase – required on ALL offers – must be filled out completely & properly (always use the most recent version)

Owner Occupied Certification – required on ALL offers involving an Owner Occupant (end user/primary resident) – buyer & agents must sign

Fannie Mae CoverSheet – while this isn’t required, it helps us immensely in creating the final draft for all parties to have correct information

Proof of funds or Pre-approval letter – required with ALL ACCEPTED offers (and can help with initial offer getting accepted as well) (you get this information from your buyer or their bank or lender) If buyer is financing we need at minimum the following to be able to submit their offer: Mortgage/Bank/Lender Co name, person handling file’s name, phone #, email address, type of loan, % or amount putting down, % rate of loan.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure – required with ALL offers on properties built 1978 & prior

How To Submit an offer & instructions for agents to make sure their offer is put together correctly (official

How to Submit an Offer – for agents to make sure their offer is put together correctly (created by Florida Future Realty to help)

How to Submit an Offer for Customers – for agents to give to buyers to help them when they are not in front of an agent when completing the offer & other forms

Homepath Resources – links to resources to assist you with your offer


I put in an offer, when will I hear back?

This question cannot be answered with a simple answer. If there are no other offers in and your offer was put together 100% correct in most cases you’ll hear back within 48 business hours. However if there are multiple offers you will go into a ‘multiple offers / highest & best’ period. If your offer isn’t the one Fannie Mae decides to counter first you may not hear for several days to a couple of weeks. This is typically because Fannie Mae is countering back and forth with another offer. That is usually good news for your buyer as another offer hasn’t been accepted yet. Keep in mind you can also change or rescind your offer at anytime until acceptance. Should you be the offer to be countered first keep in mind that Fannie Mae could have 1 or several other offers sitting there so if you really want the house you need to think about putting your best offer forward or they can move on to the next offer.


Why do I keep missing out on all the good deals??

Feel like you keep missing out on the good deals? We send out a Coming Soon email with our assigned properties prior to the actual listing going live. This can give you a head’s up to be prepared for a great property coming on the market. You can also set up a search on and set it to automatically send you ‘coming soon’ properties as well from any listing agent. Keep in mind that coming soon may mean tomorrow and it may mean 2 weeks.

Anything you think we missed here? Let us know and we’ll add it!


Our office recently moved and we are now located in Central Cape Coral at 804 Nicholas Pkwy E, Suite 3, Cape Coral, FL 33990. Our number is the same: 239-542-8521 

Yours in Success,

Susan Milner

Florida Future Realty, Inc.

Fannie Mae Listings in Cape Coral

Condos in Cape Coral with Gulf Access under $300,000

You can still buy a Cape Coral property on a gulf access canal in Cape Coral for under $300,000. The prices are inching up but there are still many great buys in Cape Coral waterfront living. While you are looking through homes keep in mind that to stay updated you can set up a search and have listing emailed right to your inbox as they come on the market. It is easy, free and we won’t bother you unless you ask us something.

Gulf access condos under $300,000 in Cape Coral for sale.

Cape Coral

Gulf Access Homes in Cape Coral for under $300,000

You can still buy a Cape Coral property on a gulf access canal in Cape Coral for under $300,000. The prices are inching up but there are still many great buys in Cape Coral waterfront living. While you are looking through homes keep in mind that to stay updated you can set up a search and have listing emailed right to your inbox as they come on the market. It is easy, free and we won’t bother you unless you ask us something.

Fannie Mae Listings in Cape Coral

Cape Coral Coming Soon Listings

Be notified first about Cape Coral and Fort Myers Fannie Mae properties BEFORE they are listed. Just enter your email address and make sure you confirm your subscription.

* Listings sent by Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. and can include Fannie Mae, other REO listings and even short sales. Weekly email with our most up to date coming soon listings that haven’t been put online/MLS yet. Unsubscribe at anytime. Your info will not be shared, sold or otherwise used without your permission *
Florida Future Realty, Inc.

804 Nicholas Pkwy E, Suite 3

Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 542-8521

5570 Whispering Willow Way in Emerson Square Fort Myers

5570 Whispering Willow Way, Ft Myers, FL 33908

Emerson Square home for salefort myers home for sale5570 Whispering Willow Way in Emerson Square was just listed! This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with an inground pool and lakeview is the best deal in Emerson Square.

Call our office for details: 239-542-8521

Not what you were looking for?

Search all the homes currently for sale in Emerson Square in real time:

Emerson Square homes for sale

Coral Lakes home for sale

2655 Sunset Lake Dr in Coral Lakes for sale

Coral Lakes Cape CoralJUST LISTED: 2655 Sunset Lake Dr – Coral Lakes, Cape Coral Florida

Coral Lakes in Cape Coral is one hot community. It seems everyone wants to live here. We recently listed 2663 Blue Cypress Court and we had multiple offers within a day.

Yesterday we listed another lakefront house with a pool in Coral Lakes at 2655 Sunset Lake Dr. This house has 1826 square feet of living area and is in move – in condition as well.

A gated community close to everything and a lakeview too all for only $159,900 ~ yes! You heard it right. You can see the full listing by clicking below:

2655 Sunset Lake Dr


Or see all of the single family home listings in Coral Lakes below:

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[idx-platinum-saved-link id =”826-5671″ title =”Coral_Lakes_Cape_Coral”]
Fannie Mae Home for sale

Buying a Fannie Mae Property in Cape Coral Florida

As a Fannie Mae listing broker we have access to Fannie Mae properties in Cape Coral and Fort Myers coming on the market, not just the ones already on the market. Want to be in the know as well? Sign up to receive a weekly list of properties ‘coming soon’:

Fannie Mae properties coming soon free Email list

(Agents and Buyers are welcomed to join our list)

Cape Coral and Ft Myers real estate agents, do you have a buyer looking to put in an offer on a Fannie Mae / listing? Get the Fannie Mae forms package and instructions and any other questions you may have answered: Fannie Mae FAQ and Resources


How to Buy a Fannie Mae home in Cape Coral, Florida


Want to buy a Fannie Mae home in Cape Coral?

As a Fannie Mae listing Broker I can assist you with the purchase of a Cape Coral Fannie Mae owned property.


Do I need to obtain my own financing?

Yes, you do. You can use a lender on a qualified Fannie Mae property or you can choose a mortgage broker or banker as well.


I heard that Fannie Mae properties are not in good condition. Is that true? Will Fannie Mae fix them up before closing?

Fannie Mae properties are sold as-is and they will not guarantee the appliances/personal property. Some homes have all of the appliances while others are missing some or all of them. Fannie Mae does do trash outs, cleaning and maintenance on their properties though. We also turn on both the water & electricity when we can to allow for your inspection of said property.


What is the Fannie Mae First Look program all about?

You can learn more about the Fannie Mae First Look Program by visiting but the short version is that it provides a 15 day period to only allow primary residents and those buyers obtaining government assistance to bid in the first 20 days. Once the 15 day period is over it will open up to all buyers.


Do I need to use a special contract to place an offer on a Fannie Mae home?

No, you will use the Florida State As-Is Contract for Sale & Purchase. But you will need to review and sign the Fannie Mae Addendum to Contract which supersedes much of the Contract. You can view this addendum by clicking here: Fannie Mae Addendum


So the properties are sold as-is? Does this mean that I cannot have a home inspection?

Not at all. You can put a home inspection timeframe into your offer. Fannie Mae will not accept a timeframe longer than 10 days. Time does not start until you have an agreed upon sales contract.


Can I place a bid online myself for a Fannie Mae home?

No, you’ll have to use a real estate agent who is registered on the website to place an offer.


Do I need a special Fannie Mae real estate agent to view a Fannie Mae home for sale?

No, Fannie Mae properties are listed by local real estate brokers and they cooperate with all real estate agents that are members in their MLS.


I have a real estate license, can I buy a Fannie Mae house?

Yes, you can put in an offer on a Fannie Mae property if you have a real estate license. This will need to be disclosed and you may or may not be able to also collect a commission on said property.


I’m an agent and have a buyer ready to put in an offer on a Fannie Mae house. What do I need to do? 

We created a “How To Submit a Fannie Mae Offer” document just for you. Should you have any other questions feel free to call our office at (239) 542-8521 or email us at!

Here is a video to walk you through the documents you’ll need:

North Star Yacht Club

North Star Yacht Club located in North Ft Myers, Florida is a great community for snowbirds or full time residences. North Star Yacht Club is a resort style community offering a 15,000 square foot club house, a large pool area with cabanas, spa, exercise room & even its own movie theatre!

North Star Yacht Club also has its own marina and dock slips are available for lease.

Check through the current listings in North Star Yacht Club and contact us prior to your visit so we can be sure to register you as having your own real estate agent. The developer is still selling their own units and there are resales available as well.

With 3 unique floor plans, 2 different buildings and hundreds of different views to choose from we can help you find the unit that is just perfect for you!


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Call us at (239) 542-8521 or fill out the form below: