Cape Coral lease options

Lease options are becoming a very popular again. We receive many calls each day, customers interested in purchasing homes in Cape Coral via lease options or some type of seller financing. It has become more challenging due to the lack of inventory being offered at this type of arrangement. Many home buyers are unable to buy because of a recent foreclosure, deed in lieu or short sale. Instead of shuffling their family from home to home they long for a place to call their own.

What is a lease option?
The Lease

The lease agreement is set up from anywhere to 1 to 3 years. First and last month’s rent included to get started. Rental rates are higher than standard rates because the tenant/buyer will be receiving part of their monthly rent towards the purchase price.

Contract for sale and purchase

This price will be based upon the projected market value at the time the lease ends and the sale is to take place. The tenant/buyer will also put a non-refundable deposit down as well. We have found that in our area the norm is between 10-20%, but can always be negotiated. The amount will also be credited towards the buyer’s closing cost and/or the actual sale of the property. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit; if the tenant/buyer defaults for any reason it goes directly to the property owner.

Option agreement

An attorney will draft this portion of the agreement.

The guidelines are as follows for property owners in and around Cape Coral, FL:
You must own more that 50% LTV(loan to value) and be free of any liens.
We will collect a non-refundable deposit for you. 50% to you and the other half will go towards the full commission, to be paid at the closing of the property.

Here is an example of how a lease option would work:

You lease the property to a buyer/tenant for $1,200/month with an end purchase price of $100,000.
The buyer puts down a $5,000 non-refundable deposit that will be used towards the purchase at the end of the term (usually 1-3 years). In that time frame the tenant/buyer will be actively working on some type of financing at the end of the term.

Paid up front: $5,000 non-refundable deposit

First Month’s Rent: $1,200

Last Month’s Rent: $1,200

Total to move in: $7,400

Minus $2,500 to real estate brokerage

You will credit $100-200/month towards the end purchase price also. So say at the end of the 2 year term the buyer qualifies for a loan and purchases the house.

You will credit $200 per month for 24 months towards the purchase price ($4,800) and also credit the $5,000 deposit as well.

The house sells for the agreed upon $100,000 and the buyer has $9,800 to use for closing costs/prepaids/down payment.
You pay the real estate commission ($6,000-$2,500 already paid=$3,500) and sell the house for a net near $83,000 (after closing costs/other fees)

More benefits for of a lease option compared to a straight rental:
• Large non-refundable down payment
• Tenant who wants to buy – care more for property (less maintenance)
• No monthly management fee
• Monthly income for 1-3 years or longer
• Larger monthly income vs. rental
• Sales contract in writing

More benefits of a lease option compared with a straight sale:
• Higher sales price compared to current market/buyer
• Large buyer pool
• Defer capital gains taxes while renting

And finally benefits of a lease option compared with seller financing:
• Close in 1-3 years vs up to 30 years of holding a note
• Evict a tenant who defaults vs foreclosing on them
• Pay only part of the sales commission until property closes

As we mentioned, we have many requests each day for this type of transaction. We have many people each day dreaming of owning their own home again. If you are interested in offering your property or finding a property with a lease option, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you

Pine Island Florida

Tourist season is about to begin again this year, soon the streets will be buzzing with out-of- towners looking for places to go and different activities to occupy their time.  Many visitors are not aware of the relatively untouched beauty less than a 20 minute car ride
from Cape Coral; Pine Island.  Pine Island is the largest island on the west coast of Florida and measures 17 mile long and 2 miles wide.  Pine Island consists of 5 communities Matlacha, Pine Island Center, Bokeelia, Pineland, and St. James City.  Each of the 5
communities unique and distinct from the other.  The island is truly unspoiled; it boasts abundant wildlife and untouched nature.  Current legislation prohibits high density, high-rise development, preserving its current state for generations to come.

Pine Island has a charm that is indescribable; it is reminiscent of a century old fishing village complete with quaint cottages and small hotels.   Some visitors describe Pine Island as reminiscent of Mayberry.  In addition to outdoor activities like camping exploring, canoeing, and fishing.  There are many things to see indoors as well. Pine Island is known for their many upcoming artists that showcase their creations in the galleries lining the waterfront, as
well as the large number of eateries that specialize in fresh seafood dishes provided from the mornings catch.  Pine Island is a full of rich history and beautiful scenery, just waiting to be discovered.

If we can help you with your buying and selling needs, please don’t hesitate to call we look forward to hearing from you,

Yours in Success,

The Florida Future Realty Team


Selling your Cape Coral home

Are you thinking of selling your Cape Coral home, just waiting for the “right time”? Now may be your perfect time.

We are all seeing a trend in the current Cape Coral housing market; prices up, inventory down. That includes foreclosed properties. We continue to receive many calls a day from consumers looking to “steal” their next home or investment property for pennies on the dollar. Just like all other types of sales; regular or short, the inventory of foreclosures is down significantly. We currently have in Cape Coral FL only 92 foreclosure listings that are active in the multiple listing service (MLS); a considerable difference from what we experienced in 2008-2009.

What about that “shadow inventory” that we are all hearing about? First, shadow inventory refers to properties that are either in foreclosure that have not “hit” the market or sellers that are delaying putting their property on the market; waiting for the market to recover.
We have been told that many banks are holding properties. They are waiting for the right time to start slowly releasing them; as to not negatively affect the current state. We have been hearing this rumor for quite some time, all waiting patiently. Is this fact or fiction? No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that we have many more buyers than sellers. We need something to sell, so would a shadow inventory released properly and strategically be such a bad thing?

The average buyer is really getting a bum deal, they now have to compete with big time investors; we recently had a listing receive 6 offers in the first 4 hours. So do we think this shadow inventory will negatively affect the current state of the market? We feel like our area is in a great position to absorb these properties and hold steady with the current prices. We may not continue to climb as quickly as we have been, but that just fine. We need to give the regular buyers time to find that perfect property all the while taking advantage of the super low interest rates.

Sellers, if you are trying to wait it out, think about this. Less homes on the market equal more buyers competing. If you home is priced correctly, multiple offers can be a reality. If we can help you sell your home, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you.


For a no obligation market analysis, fill out this short seller form and we’ll send over the data to help you make an informed decision. You can also call us anytime at 239-542-8521 to connect with an agent directly.

Cape Coral summer activities

Children all over Lee County are anxiously awaiting the final bell to ring marking the start of the summer vacation. We are so lucky in Cape Coral to have so many great things for the kids to get involved in all summer long. From water parks to camps, we have it all.

Cape Coral’s parks and recreation is one of the largest organizers of events in this area. They offer camps for all ages and interests. They offer a safe, fun, and educational way for our children to spend their days. The Camps will begin the week of May 29th and go all summer ending in August. Ages 3-16 are welcomed, with schedules and themes changing weekly.

Sunsplash is also a highly sought after summer spot. Sunsplash has 14 acres of pools and waterslides, and my personal favorite the lazy river. They offer swimming lessons from ages 6months to 15 yrs, with all abilities welcome. The junior lifeguard program is available to ages 10-15; your children can get acquainted with what it takes to become a lifeguard.

Mike Greenwell’s is another local favorite, they offer Mini golf, 4 go-cart tracks, batting cages, an arcade, paint ball and much more. Spend an hour or the day, Mike Greenwell’s will always deliver on fun!

We hope you have a wonderful summer!

Cape Coral housing inventory low

In Cape Coral we have trended from an over abundance of housing inventory to some of the lowest levels in years. The reason for this change is simple. The home prices have fallen; interest rates are low, giving that little push to buyers that were on the fence. Investors are also doing their part; scooping up the last of the “bargains” making it a bit more challenging for the everyday consumer.

We can further analyze this by the absorption rate, the ability of the real estate market to absorb or sell all of the houses for sale in a given amount of time. Currently there are 17 weeks of single family homes on the market. What does that mean to you?

Buyer’s Market: Over 7 months of supply
Balanced/Transitional Market: 5 to 7 months of supply
Seller’s Market: Less than 5 months of supply

It looks like there is no better time than now to purchase that new homes, vacation home or investment property in Cape Coral FL. Call us now and we can help you find that perfect property.


Is Your Agent Still Using A Yard Sign and Newspaper to Sell Your Home?

SoldTake good pictures for your listings

In today’s competitive market inventory is high and good buyers are few and far between. As a seller you must be able to reach as many potential Cape Coral buyers in the shortest amount of time to be able to compete with all these foreclosures and short sales. Yard signs and newspapers just do not do it anymore. With a yard sign you may get that lucky buyer driving by. You may also have an ad in the Sunday newspaper where a reader happens to see your tiny ad in a 200 page newspaper with no pictures and hope for the best.

The simple advertising strategies in Cape Coral and surrounding areas no longer work but there is an easy solution, “the internet”. The internet provides us with some of the most valuable tools available to ANYONE in the real estate industry. Exposure of your home for sale instantly to 6 billion plus people. We have the knowledge and experience to properly market your Cape Coral real estate listing across the internet for maximum exposure.

It all starts with the PICTURES of your home. You can have the most beautiful home with gorgeous views, swimming pool, granite counter tops, customs closets, and marble floors but without GREAT pictures you are just another house for sale. The pictures of your home should be focused on the main selling points such as kitchen, master bath, master bedroom, and spacious living room. They must be well lit and taken with a high megapixel camera. Be picky with your photos and do not be afraid to ask your agent to change out the ones you do not like. This is your first impression to the world, make it a good one. We live in Florida with sunshine 350 days a year so there are no excuses for dark boring pictures.

Next you will have your home entered into the Fort Myers or Cape Coral MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with a well thought out description featuring just enough to intrigue a potential buyer into seeing the property or calling to ask for more information. Too much information gives the buyer no reason to call. The MLS will provide your listing exposure to all of the other real estate agents and their buyers in the area. Next is one of the most important tools that we have available, a great “syndication” program. The syndication will send out your home listing to 100’s of nationally recognized websites with millions of viewers each day. (See why the pictures are so important?). Maybe you have heard of a few, Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Homegain, Craigslist, Homes, New York Times, and hundreds more. The goal is to be on EVERY SINGLE website that buyers would search for Cape Coral homes.

Now that you are on every website we can think of, you need to have great call to actions in your listing to entice the buyers to click for more information. “If you build it they will come” does not apply to real estate listings in Southwest Florida any longer. Virtual tours, E-flyers, printable flyers, share buttons and sign up forms, are a few helpful tools that lead buyers into making the next move, CONTACTING the agent! These interactive tools are critical to the success of the marketing campaign for your Cape Coral house.

Here at Florida Future Realty Inc, we have developed a wide variety of online tools made available to all of our agents which helps accomplish this massive worldwide exposure campaign. Our highly trained web developers and agents will custom build you a single page website like THIS ONE with a maximum rate of buyer lead capture. A wonderful virtual tour that will create even more interest than your pictures and has proven to increase visitors by 20%. The first week your home is listed you will want to let everyone you know that it is for sale, send them a custom made JUST LISTED eflyer via email, share it on your Facebook wall and have us share it on Facebook and Twitter with our 1000’s of followers. Have a smartphone with a QR reader? Then scan the barcode below and see what happens.


This will bring up and save your home listing on anyone’s IPHONE or ANDROID phone. These QR codes will be placed on almost every piece of advertising across the internet we do.

Contact Us


As if you wouldn’t have enough exposure with everything we have listed above give us a call for a COMPLETE       marketing plan explaining how we will sell your home in a reasonable amount of time at the highest price the market will allow. Our number is 239-542-8521 and there is an agent available Monday thru Friday 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. or
Email us at


See how we are different than the rest with the most aggressive Marketing plan in the United States.




Cape Coral real estate SOLD


Have a SOLD sign in your sw Fl homes front yard

Did your listing agreement for your Cape Coral or Ft. Myers property expire last week? Do you still need help to sell your property?


I ask because today I received several phone calls & emails from Fort Myers & Cape Coral homeowners asking for help. For one reason or another some homes are not selling while others are selling quickly and at a fair price. There is a good reason your home did not sell and I am sure you want to know why!


Yesterday I had a gentleman call me and ask if I could sell his home for him. He has had it listed for 6 months and only 2 showings. After about 30 minutes we hung up and agreed to meet tomorrow for coffee and discuss his options. Naturally I started researching the property and found why it had not sold almost instantly. The problem was not price


This is a lovely home in a gated community on a golf course. The agent only had 4 photos of the Golf Course property. They used the photos from our property appraiser’s website. This consists of one front photo (with a truck in the driveway & garage door opened) and an aerial photo showing the roof. Two photos of the living room with the television on and him sitting in the chair drinking a glass of Iced Tea. Are you kidding me? And the agent probably said they don’t know why it didn’t sell. Well I do! To top that off there were about 2 lines of description in the MLS. Basically, “Look, here is a Golf Course house for sale, you wanna buy it?”.  I’m guessing that this property can NOT be found on any real estate search websites either( I checked and it is not). It is truly sad. The seller should have known about this. The listing agent should have known better.


Why didn’t they try everything to sell your property? Did they think they’d get the buyer themselves & didn’t want to ‘share’ their commission? Did they just not know any better? OR Were they just lazy?


The good news for this seller is that he found us. We specialize in getting properties sold. I don’t take listings just to increase my inventory. I take listings to SELL them.  We help traditional sellers compete with the bank owned and short sale listings. Your house must STAND OUT.


We also handle bank owned and short sale listings in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. Sometimes short sales take a little longer to sell but we still market them just as well as any other listing! We use multiple photos, a great description, video, national advertising, virtual tours, and many other online marketing tools we have developed! How could you not? And how could you not expect your agent to at least take multiple photos? Some real estate websites even allow up to 20-30 photos per listing. Think of the possibilities. Most MLSs allow for at least 20 photos. We make use of those available spots.


BUYERS WANT TO SEE PHOTOS – AND LOTS OF THEM. Buyers often even ask me to exclude any listings that do not have multiple photos. There are just too many ‘unknowns’ for them to deal with. Over 90% of buyers begin their search for a new home online. This means that YOUR LISTING must look appealing to them. The internet may not ‘sell’ your house but it will get it on their ‘list’ of prospective properties to view.  Video tours are also important. This will weed out the tire kickers and get INTERESTED buyers through the door.


Finally, if you have not checked to see how your listing appears in the local MLS or on national & international websites PLEASE go check. If your agent is not doing their best to show your house in the best light then let them know. Give them the opportunity to FIX it or hire a new real estate agent.


And most importantly, if you have property that you need to sell in Cape Coral or Ft. Myers, Florida please give me a call. We will give you the REAL market value of your home & market your property to its full potential.


Your time is valuable and selling your house is important to you. It shouldn’t be something you have to stress about after you hire a real estate professional! That’s OUR responsibility!


What do they say about employers? They should HIRE SLOW & FIRE FAST….so should YOU. Do your research! Ask Questions! Call us! 239-542-8521





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Cape Coral home prices trending up in 2012

2012 has been a great year thus far; gaining positive momentum for our once troubled housing market. The once forgotten homes that were lost in the short sale or foreclosure process are now full of life, occupied by new loving owners, looking more beautiful than ever.  The first quarter statistics are very positive for the overall health of our local economy.  What they also show is that we have hit the bottom and have continued trending significantly upward from this time last year.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your piece of paradise, but are in need of a little nudge, here it is. In 2011 the average price for a single family home was $136,317.00, this year that same figure has increased by 22% making the average price $166,249.00.  That is just our local area, increases has been documented on a national level as well.

The Florida Realtors reported that real estate economists and analysts are optimistic that we will see a dramatic recovery in the next two years.  These economists predict that next year home prices will begin to rise by 2% and then get a larger boost of 3.5% by 2014.

These statistics coupled with low interest rates, and less stringent lending policies make now the time to buy that new home or special vacation spot.  If we can help you in any way make your dream possible give a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Cape Coral real estate statistics

Have you started thinking about your goals for 2012? If buying a home is one of your top ten we have gathered some of our area market statistics from 2011 to help you in making a plan to achieve your dream of home ownership.  If you are on the fence about buying, I am here to tell you that prices are rising.  Last year the average single family home sold for 130,990. This year it has risen to 149,417.  That is more that a 14% increase, and to top it off 97.7% of those homes were sold in 30 days or less.  Still waiting to see if the market has hit bottom?

Thinking of selling? Now more than ever is a great time to spruce up your digs and get it listed.  Our super busy selling season is here.   We are clearing out inventory at a great pace here in Cape Coral FL, don’t miss out on your opportunity; buying or selling we are here to help. Luxury, waterfront, golf course, short sales, and distressed, we want to help you start out your 2012 with the sale or purchase of a home here in SW Florida.  Please don’t hesitate to call we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays,

The Florida Future Realty Team



Cape Coral House

Cape Coral real estate market in the news

Cape Coral HouseCape Coral and Fort Myers are making headlines all over!

Did you read about the Cape Coral and Fort Myers real estate market on Inman News?
“Two Florida markets saw the highest jumps: median list price in Fort Myers-Cape Coral rose 25.7 percent to $225,000, and the median in Miami rose 8.6 percent to $239,000.
Shreveport-Bossier City, La., followed with an 8.1 percent increase, to $173,000. Fort Myers-Cape Coral and Miami also saw the biggest year-over-year drops in inventory: -25.3 percent and -29.9 percent, respectively.”

What about CNNMoney’s take on the rise in prices in Cape Coral?

Even had a blurb about the Cape Coral real estate market:

The Gulf Coast Business Review reminded us that our Fort Myers local board of REALTORS announced that Foreclosures are fading in comparison to traditional sales here in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas:

They also let us know that we may be turning point central:

Want to read other great news coming out of Cape Coral? We are ranked the second safest city in all of Florida:

Summer is historically our ‘slowest’ time of the year for Cape Coral real estate sales so if you are looking to make a home purchase in SW Florida come on down this summer and see what we have to offer. I have a strong suspicion that come fall (our typical busy season) we will see more price and inventory adjustments here in the Cape Coral real estate market.

There are so many different unique opportunities right now for buyers of Cape Coral real estate.

Some experts warn that this ‘new’ news may leave Cape Coral home sellers confused about pricing. I’m sure it will confuse some of the sellers in Cape Coral. That is why it is the best idea for Cape Coral sellers to consult with a reliable and honest real estate professional who specializes in Cape Coral real estate. Considering selling your home or property in Cape Coral? Contact us at Florida Future Realty, Inc. to find out if now is the best time for you to sell your Cape Coral real estate. We market our listings internationally & have a solid reputation for selling houses in and around Cape Coral, Florida.

Our Broker, Susan Milner also just created a video update showing the first quarter’s statistics for the Cape Coral real estate market that I’m sure you’ll find interesting:

Yours in Success,

Florida Future Realty, Inc.

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Cape Coral House

Florida Future Realty Seller Marketing Plan

Florida Future Realty, Inc.’s Marketing Plan is Different! Here are
some of the reasons why (contact us for a more in depth list)

  • FREE CCMA (Confidential Comparable Market Analysis)
  • Electronic lockbox showing who views your home & when
  • Constant Feedback on showings!
  • Thousands of BUYERS are searching our websites every week!
  • Also listed on & many other sites for
    maximum exposure!
  • Reverse prospecting to other agents
  • Virtual Walk through Tours * are up and running the very next day you list
  • Editorial style ads to attract buyers!
  • Image style ads to attract buyers!

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the next few months or just studying up for that eventuality, there’s no time like the present to prepare. If buying a house seems complicated, selling involves even more responsibilities and expenses. We can handle all of the details for you by providing you with our full service marketing plan. For more
information contact us today!

The market is shifting so when hiring an agent make sure you hire one who will work for you to net you the most profit, within your preferred time frame with the least amount of stress to you. Those are all goals of ours. Not all agents are created equal, don’t be fooled, contact Florida Future Realty, Inc. today for a free, no-obligation in home or at office consultation.

We look forward to working with you!

Yours in Success,

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Cape Coral House

Cape Coral Real Estate Tarpon Point

Cape Coral Short Sales

Cape Coral short sales are still abundant in and around Cape Coral, Florida. Our broker, Susan Milner has been personally handling short sales in SW Florida since the end of 2006. Anyone in our area who claims to have been handling them prior to that time frame is full of it. Why? Well because in the early 2000s everything was appreciating at such a fast rate that no one needed a short sale. We did however experience a similar bust in both the early 80s and early 90s ~ see a pattern?

So back to the point of this article. We receive at least one call or email a day from someone who is considering selling their house ‘short’. Most have already being doing quite a bit of research on the subject. Whether they have just been reading various articles online or if they’ve checked with friends or maybe even spoke with a professional like their accountant and attorney they’ve done something. But we all too often find them with misinformation. That is very unfortunate. Some common misconceptions we often hear are 1) The bank won’t approve a short sale because I am not behind on my mortgage 2) The bank won’t do a short sale because the loss is too great (ex. I owe $800,000 and the house is only worth $400,000) 3) The bank won’t do a short sale because this was/is now an investment property 4) The bank won’t do a short sale because…..fill in the blanks to 5) It is better to do a deed in lieu or just let it foreclose, etc.

While everyone’s specific situation IS different and unique to THEM, in *most* cases it makes more sense for someone to do a short sale vs a deed in lieu or foreclosing. Florida is a recourse state. This means that a lender can, and most likely will, come after the borrower for the difference. If you just bury your head in the sand while your house goes into foreclosure you will have to worry about that judgment sneaking up on you. According to attorneys we’ve communicated with, these banks have up to 5 years to decide to file against you. From there they can keep renewing the judgement for up to 20 years! AH! Do you really want to worry about that for the next 20 years of your life?

When we negotiate a short sale we always attempt to get a FULL Release and FULL Satisfaction of mortgage which means the bank is waiving their right to seek a deficiency judgment against the borrower/seller. Most of the time we are able to get this but sometimes we are not. At some times the banks will agree to a short sale but are unwilling to provide a satisfaction of mortgage. This means that they still have the right to come after the seller/borrower for the difference. In these cases we make sure the sellers/borrower gets in touch with an attorney and discusses this with them. Usually they go ahead with it at least knowing now what the property is selling for and selling it sooner than later (it can take much more time for a foreclosure to go through and the bank will tack on many more expenses too) to avoid owing even more to their lender later. Sometimes these individuals have other liabilities too (like credit cards, other loans, etc) and are planning a bankruptcy in the future. Their attorney may be able to add that pending judgment into the bankruptcy for them. Again, everyone’s situation is unique and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

If you qualify for a HAFA Short Sale you will not be held responsible for the forgiven amount. Many lenders are now on board with HAFA’s program but there are certain criteria that you must meet to qualify.

We’ve completed MANY short sales in the past few years. Some the sellers have not been late on their mortgage, many of the sellers have owed 2-3 times the value of the property, most have received full release and satisfactions at closing and a few have had to sign promissory notes and/or contribute some cash at closing (typically only requested of someone who actually has assets of some sort).
While we cannot know what your lender will say (every file is different – even with the same seller and same lender on different properties we’ve gotten different responses) but we can give you a great shot at a positive outcome.

Being organized and having experience with major lenders like Bank of America (Countrywide), Chase Home Mortgage (JP Morgan), Fifth Third Bank, GMAC, CitiMortgage, National City, SunTrust Bank, Wells Fargo (Wachovia), EMC Mortgage, Flagstar, Green Tree Servicing, LLC, SLS (Specialized Loan Servicing), HomeEq Servicing, Saxon Mortgage Services, RoundPoint Mortgage Service Corp, and several smaller banks as well such as BB & T, Riverside (TIB Bank), Suncoast Federal Credit Union just to name a few.

If you’ve consulted with your attorney and tax accountant and have decided to sell your property as a short sale we’d love to go over the process with you. I’ve written many articles going over the process of the short sale, documents required, outcomes possible and so much more to assist sellers in this trying time.

You can check out these articles about Cape Coral short sales on our website: or you can call us anytime to discuss your personal situation.

You may also fill out the form below to have one of agents contact you today:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us anytime at (239) 542-8521

Island Cove in Cape Coral Florida

The roads are busy, the stores full of shoppers, and 1 hour waiting list to be seated in our favorite restaurants.  What does all this mean?  Season is here. Every year this happens like clockwork, the holiday’s come to a close, northerners bid farewell to the snow and ice,
and hop into the nearest car, plane, boat or bus eagerly awaiting the Florida sun and fun.  This year is no exception. The weather up north has been increasingly harsh to its residents pushing them down south earlier and for longer periods of time, what is now
occuring to these snow dodgers that this vacation could be a lot less temporary and much more permanent.  I suspect mother nature has a special place in her heart for us southerners because we just can’t complain about the more than 355 days of sunshine we experience a
year.  Well if you would like to “have your cake and eat it too” we can help you find a great home or condo to meet your needs so you too can start living in paradise.   

A great gated community in Cape Coral FL is Island Cove.  It is located mid town close to shopping and dining.  I have had the pleasure of showing a few units in this development and can say with certainty that it is very well maintained and extremely inviting.
 It is a condo community with three different floor plans available.  These spacious plans are offered in 2 or 3 bedrooms and slightly vary in sq footage. 

This community has many amenities to offer, not only is it direct access to the river with ease of navigation to the gulf.  Residents are able to keep their boat close by for easy access; this community has an appealing outdoor space, complete with BBQ area and large
gathering space for a big group of friends and family.  You may also find it relaxing to sit along the water and enjoy nature in the waterfront gazebo.  Not only are the common areas beautiful and inviting but the grounds are well manicured and full of life from the
happy residents that live in this community.  The community is bustling with people on their way to the pool area, off to a quick game of tennis, strolling on the walk path for a little exercise, or meeting in the common area for a game of cards.  If you are interested in
becoming a homeowner, this is great community. 

What is currently happening in Island Cove?

Today February 14, 2011 there are 9 active listings in our MLS ranging in price $105,000 to $179,900, out of those 9 listings 2 are short sales, and 1 is a bank owned foreclosure. 

There are 5 active contingent properties, 6 pending, 4 have sold in the last few months prices ranging from $79,000 up to $105,000. 

If you are interested in more information about Island Cove or properties similar, we look forward to your phone call.  We can assist you in your search for a home or condo that fits your lifestyle and budget.  We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in Success,                                                 

The Florida Future Realty Team


State of Florida existing condo sales rise in November 2010

It was recently reported that every 8 seconds this year a baby boomer will retire.  Is that the reason for the recent rise in existing condo sales in the month of November?  Many retirees often look for warm climates to spend their winters, and it appears Florida has been
on the top of the list.  The Florida realtors association reports that an 11% rise in existing condo sales in November over the previous year.   In 09′ 4860 condominium units were sold in comparison to 5411 in 10′.  The median price for existing condos in the state
of Florida in 2009 was $88,200.  In 2010 we saw a slight decrease in the median price it was $82,400.

In our area of Cape Coral the trend held true.  In 2009, 498 condos sold with a median price of $76,000.  In 2010 existing condo sale were 527 with a median price of $76,000.  Is the trend because of the falling prices, retiree’s or increased interest in
foreign buyers?  There are so many great condos offered at great prices, many located on golf courses or offered with gulf access. 

We encourage buyers looking for a great new place to call home permanently or seasonally, come  see what Cape Coral has to offer.  If we can help with your search, please don’t hesitate to call.  We look forward to speaking with you.

 Yours in Success,     

The Florida Future Realty Team


2010 year in review

Well 2010 will soon be a distant memory, but the events that took place in the housing market will live in our minds and memories for years to come.  This past year was full of tax credits,
historically low interest rates, and some controversy sprinkled on top.  Here is an overview of the housing market headlines of 2010. 

  • 157 banks were closed down and taken over by the FDIC in early 2010.
  • First time home buyer and repeat buyer tax credit increased home
    sales earlier this year.
  • 30- Year fixed rate mortgages hit historical lows of 4.17 percent.
  • The big foreclosure freeze hit headlines accusing big banks of
  • An estimated 1 in 4 homes are upside down in America.
  • Many Americans are reducing debt and increasing their savings
  • It has been estimated the as many as 1 in 4 home sales were
    distressed properties
  • HAMP and other loan modifications provided by mortgage servicers
    will total nearly 1.5 million for 2010
  • Short sales were up 128% for Fannie Mae loans and 115% for Freddie
    Mac- backed notes.
  • REO property totals at the end of the third quarter of 2010; Fannie
    and Freddie combined totals were nearly 300,000 and their stocks worth
    $1 dollar towards year end.

What a crazy year for the housing market home owners and big banks.  We are optimistic for 2011 and the great changes to come.  What we do know now for certain is that it could be a great time to buy, if we can help you in your search, please don’t hesitate to
call.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Success,             

The Florida Future Realty Team