Buying a Fannie Mae Property in Cape Coral Florida

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How to Buy a Fannie Mae home in Cape Coral, Florida


Want to buy a Fannie Mae home in Cape Coral?

As a Fannie Mae listing Broker I can assist you with the purchase of a Cape Coral Fannie Mae owned property.


Do I need to obtain my own financing?

Yes, you do. You can use a lender on a qualified Fannie Mae property or you can choose a mortgage broker or banker as well.


I heard that Fannie Mae properties are not in good condition. Is that true? Will Fannie Mae fix them up before closing?

Fannie Mae properties are sold as-is and they will not guarantee the appliances/personal property. Some homes have all of the appliances while others are missing some or all of them. Fannie Mae does do trash outs, cleaning and maintenance on their properties though. We also turn on both the water & electricity when we can to allow for your inspection of said property.


What is the Fannie Mae First Look program all about?

You can learn more about the Fannie Mae First Look Program by visiting but the short version is that it provides a 15 day period to only allow primary residents and those buyers obtaining government assistance to bid in the first 20 days. Once the 15 day period is over it will open up to all buyers.


Do I need to use a special contract to place an offer on a Fannie Mae home?

No, you will use the Florida State As-Is Contract for Sale & Purchase. But you will need to review and sign the Fannie Mae Addendum to Contract which supersedes much of the Contract. You can view this addendum by clicking here: Fannie Mae Addendum


So the properties are sold as-is? Does this mean that I cannot have a home inspection?

Not at all. You can put a home inspection timeframe into your offer. Fannie Mae will not accept a timeframe longer than 10 days. Time does not start until you have an agreed upon sales contract.


Can I place a bid online myself for a Fannie Mae home?

No, you’ll have to use a real estate agent who is registered on the website to place an offer.


Do I need a special Fannie Mae real estate agent to view a Fannie Mae home for sale?

No, Fannie Mae properties are listed by local real estate brokers and they cooperate with all real estate agents that are members in their MLS.


I have a real estate license, can I buy a Fannie Mae house?

Yes, you can put in an offer on a Fannie Mae property if you have a real estate license. This will need to be disclosed and you may or may not be able to also collect a commission on said property.


I’m an agent and have a buyer ready to put in an offer on a Fannie Mae house. What do I need to do? 

We created a “How To Submit a Fannie Mae Offer” document just for you. Should you have any other questions feel free to call our office at (239) 542-8521 or email us at!

Here is a video to walk you through the documents you’ll need: