What Can I get for under 75,000

I hear the same question every day at least once “What can I get for under 75 grand in Cape Coral?”. My first natural response is “nothing”. That is not entirely true though, right now in Cape Coral we have multiple properties under that price range. Yes, they will take a little elbow grease, paint, and a few extra bucks for repair but where else in the world can you buy homes in a good neighborhood with great schools for that price? Below I have posted a few featured properties that are all under $75,000 and ready for purchase in Cape Coral. Six months ago I would have been able to show you pages and pages of these homes but now there are just a select few on the market due to the investors and savvy Cape Coral home buyers.


Short Sale and Foreclosures in Cape Coral

Short sales and Foreclosures are going to be abundant in this category. Be prepared to have patience and do your due diligence before purchasing one of these properties. Our knowledgeable agents are standing by to assist you through the process and educate you on the unknown.

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