Lee County Florida School Choice

Lee County School Choice

Lee County Florida School Choice Options

Are you considering a move into Lee County Florida with your family? Many families make the move to Lee County each and every week. The sun and beaches are great but what about our schools?

One of the great things about Lee County schools is your ability to pick what school your child(ren) go to. Lee County School District offers parents what is known as school choice. School Choice in Lee County is great for parents to have control over their child’s education. With school choice you can choose schools within your zone(s) to send your kids. It seems sort of funny if you are used to school districts being separate and thinking about students going to school close to home; but, with school choice you could actually drive past several different schools on your way to your school.

From the LeeSchools.net website:

(for the most up to date school choice info and to get help making your choices you can call Lee County School choice at 239-242-2059 in Cape Coral or at 239-337-8347 for Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres). Florida Future Realty can help you with purchasing or selling a home. Thanks)

Zones and School Selection- The District has created three sub-zones within each zone.

  • Families living in sub-zone 1 will select schools physically located within sub zone 1 and sub zone 2, and Zone Magnet schools if any
  • Families living within sub-zone 2 will be able to select among all schools within the entire zone.
  • Families living in sub-zone 3 will select among schools physically located in sub-zone 3 and sub-zone 2, and Zone Magnet schools if any.
  • Parents and students are expected to list all the schools in their sub-zone, in rank order. Every attempt will be made to assign students to the highest preference school possible.

Access the school zones map below:

Full-size 11-12 Zone Map

Full-size 12-13 Zone Map

Another great thing about our Lee County schools are the grading scales. Schools are graded each year on performance so you can see how they compare to one another.

Lee County Florida School Performance Grades

We also offer many excellent charter schools (semi-public) and private schools as well. There is also a fairly large home schooling population as well.

Summer is a great time to pick out your new house before the school year begins. If we can assist you with your Lee County housing needs, please let us know. We look forward to working with you.

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