Easy to spot signs of Chinese Drywall

With the home prices so affordable once again, there are many buyers looking for that next big purchase.  Unfortunately, we have all been made aware that some home built or renovated after 2001 could potentially be constructed with Chinese drywall. These homes can be completely remediated, but some buyers just don’t want to go to the added time, energy and expense involved in buying this type of property.

 These properties aren’t always clearly represented as infected drywall homes. So we as consumers need to get educated as to some of the most apparent and easy to spot signs.  Obviously the best way is to hire a home inspector and they can without doubt confirm or deny any suspicion that you may have.  When viewing multiple homes the cost
of an inspector can become very expensive.   Here are some simple signs to help streamline our home search.

Smell of sulfur it is comparable to rotten eggs.

Was the home constructed or drywall replaced after 2001?

There may be corrosion of the evaporator coil.

Metal corrosion and blackening on one or more of the

Copper wires

Ground wires

Electrical connectors

Un- insulated and un coated copper pipes

Chrome plated bathroom fixtures

Silver or copper hardware

The mirror backing in the bathroom

Discoloration of picture frames and kitchen utensils.

We hope to educated consumers and help them make informed and educated decisions, buying a home is a big investment and we want to help you make right decision for you and your family. 

If we can help assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call we would love to help your search for your new Cape Coral home.

Yours in Success,                                                 

The Florida Future Realty Team