Rents on the Rise?

Are you thinking of investing in real estate in Cape Coral FL? In my opinion a pretty secure investment. We handle many calls each day; individuals and families looking for rental property and lease options.

The Florida Realtors reports that they are forecasting a large jump in what renters will be paying this year. They have attributed the hike to factors like improving job market, lack of new construction, and declining vacancy rates.

Many investors were able to this year; raise their rate anywhere between 3 and 5 percent. Most rental rates have not wavered much from the large decline in 2007.
In our Cape Coral market; we are especially experiencing the rental hike and declining rental inventory. It is quite a bit harder to secure rentals then in past years.

If you are investing in real estate Cape Coral will certainly be a great place to do so. Many families in an around our area are unable to purchase due to a short sale or foreclosure; leaving a long term rental the only other option. If you are interested in investing in Cape Coral, give us a call we can help you find many great options.