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Cape Royal in Cape Coral is a luxurious gated golf community with convenience to restaurants and retail shops on Pine Island Rd.  Cape Royal has a 27 hole championship public golf course that is situated on a preserve with views of the 22 beautiful lakes.  Cape Royal has many amenities to offer its residents such as a clubhouse, grill, lounge, pro shop, and tennis courts.  Cape Royal has 483 single family home site, all situated on oversized lots.

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Florida Future Realty, Inc. seeks licensed Florida real estate agents to join our real estate team. Our main office is located in Cape Coral but we are currently looking for agents to cover the entire Lee County real estate market.

Real Estate Agents, you’ll want to join Florida Future Realty, Inc. if:

  • You Love Learning about the Latest Real Estate . . .

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  • You Love to Receive FREE Referrals

Yes, Florida Future Realty, Inc provides their real estate agents with information from prospective buyers & sellers.

  • You Love Working in a FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL environment

Our real estate agents all work together knowing that competition is healthy however integrity & professionalism always come first.

  • You Live By the LAW of ATTRACTION

You give knowing you’ll receive. You believe that doing the right thing is the only way and will focus your energy on making this world a better place.

  • You Prefer to Remain POSITIVE and Upbeat

You realize that having negative thoughts does not return positive results. You enjoy what you do in your real estate career and your clients and customers appreciate knowing that you are always here to assist them with one of their biggest investments in life.

  • Finally, you believe that hard work should pay off. You want to be COMPENSATED FAIRLY for the results of your hard work

Florida Future Realty, Inc. offers competitive commission structures tailored to your specific goals. If you are a top producing agent and wondering how we stack up against your current structure we should chat. Agents find that our structure allows them to reap the financial benefits of their hard work much quicker than many other local brokerages. If you are new agent we also offer great commission structures along with training to assist you in taking your career to the level you are seeking.

If this sounds like a company you’d like to learn more about schedule a confidential meeting by contacting Florida Future Realty’s Broker, Susan Milner at 239-218-2229 (personal cell phone) or at

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Sarah Rothenberg

Sarah joined Florida Future Realty, Inc upon receiving her real estate license.   Sarah loves the real estate business and it shows in her enthusiasm and go-getter attitude.  Sarah is originally from Nebraska, but has called Cape Coral home for more than 10 years. She still considers herself a county girl at heart.  She loves to spend time with her family and partake in outdoor activities that allow her to take in the beauty of this coastal paradise.  She is very familiar with the area and all the great place to visit and things to see. Sarah is always willing to go the extra mile for her customers no matter how big or small the transaction.  She prides herself on her ability to provide excellent customer service and will always return your calls and email in a timely manner.

If you would like to speak with Sarah directly:

Cell # 239-223-1246


Website: Coming Soon

Susan Milner

Susan Milner
Susan Milner

Susan Milner is the broker/owner of Florida Future Realty, Inc.

She has been around real estate her entire life.

In 1994 she moved to Cape Coral and has lived here since.

Susan believes in catering real estate services to the customer & not the other way around.

How can you reach Susan Milner?

On her website:

Search for homes now:

At the office: (239) 542-8521 Ofc

Direct on her cell phone: (239) 218-2229 Cell

Through E-mail: Susan Milner email

And while you are here feel free to check out a short video to learn more about Susan:

Real Estate Agents, Are YOU Rockin’ the New Year?

We are & were busy!!! Whether you are a new or experienced real estate agent we have plans for you!

For new agents we offer 1 of 2 options:

  • Full time agents who have the money to get started now: Start at 70% and get FREE referrals, training & support ~ earn up to 90% after you start producing!
  • Or, just getting started without a lot of $$$$: Join our referral company ~ refer your friends/family – earn a commission and access our free training too! This will prepare you for full time without the costs of joining our local board and paying for E&O Insurance.*

Experienced Agents have options too:

  • We offer competitive commission splits based upon production and experience. (Meet with our broker, Susan for a few minutes and you’ll understand the difference here). We provide leads if you need them, great training, support and a central office with desk space. No required meetings, floor time or other nonsense. No un-productive bored
    agents bothering you at the water cooler or coffee machine…..just old-fashioned, motivated WORKING agents! No hype, no broken promises….
  • Or, thinking about retiring but not ready to lose all your past book of business? Talk to us about how you can keep you license and earn commission income without actually ‘working. Great opportunity for someone looking to slowly exit the business or just have a break.*

Before you make any decisions contact me for a no-obligation meeting to see if we might be a fit for each other. Im not looking to add hundreds of agents, just looking for a handful of good ones. If this sounds good to you lets chat! Every agent has their own unique and
individual goals and I understand that. That is why we offer options.

Call or email today for more info!!

(239) 218-2229 Susan’s personal cell or (239) 542-8521 at the office

  Learn more about Susan Milner and Florida
Future Realty, Inc.
via her online real estate career page!

* Plans provided through our sister company, Florida Real Estate Assistance, LLC

Copyright 2011 Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc.

How to pick the perfect Cape Coral real estate agent.

As with anything, the real estate profession is filled with honest trustworthy agents, but there are those who give all hard working agents a bad name, with their lack of knowledge and shady practices.  During the real estate boom, every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to get in
on the action and unfortunately many did.  There are countless stories of many of agents that ruined deals, artificially drove up prices and were engaging in fraudulent practices with mortgage brokers  and appraisers, all for an extra buck.   Now unfortunately, consumers are having a hard time trusting Cape Coral real estate agents or brokers.  Now that the market crashed, we are left with the real professionals wanting to provide consumers with exceptional service, and honest business practices.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick the agent that is right for

Make sure you interview with the potential agent.

You need to make sure your personalities click; you will be spending a lot of time with this person.  They need to fully understand your wants and need and most importantly your budget.  Are they willing to show you properties that are not listed by their Cape Coral
brokerage? Do they seem to be honest? Are they interested in developing a long term business relationship with you? Many people buy and sell multiple times in their lives, building a strong trustworthy relationship with your customers can only benefit their business.

Do some research.

You can find out so much about a person by simply imputing their name into Google and hitting search.  Visit their website; make sure they have experience in the type of property you are looking to buy. What have they sold? What type of property seems to be their specialty?
 Most importantly, ask for references and make sure to call.

Ask your friends and family.

Most likely someone you know or are related to have bought or sold a Cape Coral property recently, and can share some useful tips and valuable information with you. Would they recommend their agents to you?  If they answered yes, what traits made that particular agent so special?  What kind of overall experience did they have?  

These a just a few tips to help you weed through the mountain of agents a find the best fit for your needs.  Put your trust and confidence in this person, they will be responsible for the largest transaction of your life and because of that pick carefully.

Call our team of highly qualified professional to answer any of your real estate related questions.  Florida Future Realty is here to help.

Yours in Success,

The Florida Future Realty Team


Selling your Cape Coral home?

It seems that buyers and sellers are still nervous about the housing market in Cape Coral. We are getting calls every day from people anxious with questions about selling their Cape Coral homes. “Is now a good time?” “What are my options if it doesn’t sell?” They speculate on
conditions improving with hopes they will get what they owe on their homes without having to put it on a short sale or worse, have it foreclosed.

The truth is, you, as a seller, will know when it is the right time. As real estate agents, we can assist you with your process, we can also answer your question, but we certainly don’t know
when you are ready to let go of your house. Sometimes, taking a “holistic” approach to home selling may work wonders for you. For instance, if you look at the home selling process in the big picture or the grand scheme instead of how it may affect you right at that
moment-it may  ease some of your stress about letting go of the house.

Big decisions like selling your home don’t come easy.
An experienced listing agent will know that and take your concerns and questions into consideration when you speak with them.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

1)      Interview Real Estate Agents

Ask questions that pertain to your specific needs. Decide what is important to you in a listing agent. Find out what credentials an agent has. Get references from past customers. Ask for testimonials from past clients. Check out Real Estate websites and Publications. Ask the listing agents to show you a marketing plan. A reputable agent will offer a CMA (comparable market analysis) on your home so you can make an informed decision about listing your home with them. You will know if you and the agent are a good match-after all, you have to work together.

2)      Get Your Home Ready

Pack up personal items such as family pictures. You can even rent a storage unit for a few months where your packed boxes of family treasures can be out of the way from the new home owners. Stage your home as if it was a showroom for customers to browse. If you need
assistance with staging your home, an experienced listing agent can offer advice on how to get started.

3)      Get Rid of Clutter

Remove books from bookshelves. Clean and organize shelves and closets in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Put everyday items in a small bin in a kitchen or hallway closet for easy access. Put knick knacks away in a box and put in storage. Clean off kitchen counters. Think of your home as a model home.

4)      Make Minor Repairs

It’s not necessary to start remodeling the outdated bathroom, but it is a good idea to fix leaking faucets and cracked or broken tiles. Minor repairs can also include, patching holes in walls, replacing burned out light bulbs and fixing broken windows, doors and door

5)      Clean, clean, clean

This is the time to make your house appear shiny and new! A thorough cleaning of windows inside and out will be a welcome sign for potential buyers. A few more things to consider when cleaning and organizing your home: polish faucets, re-grout tubs and showers, get rid of pet odors, vacuum carpets, mop floors and replace worn out rugs. It is also a good
idea to make a clear pathway to your front door so that buyers feel like they want to enter your home.

6)      Outside Area and Curb Appeal

It is best to look at your house from the outside in. Mow lawns and cut down bushes or hedges that may be in the way of a clear path to the front door. If there is a pool, keep it clean. Sometimes it is best to hire a regular lawn and pool service if you can’t keep up with it
yourself. Other things to consider are to replace broken shutters, shine the door handles and pressure clean driveways. Scrutinize your home from a buyer’s point of view.

These are only a few suggestions to take into consideration. Again, an experienced agent will be able to go over any other areas of concern you may have.  Call the Florida Future Realty, Inc. office for a no obligation consultation on selling your Cape Coral or Ft. Myers home.  The office is open Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment.  

Yours in Success,

The Florida Future Realty Team