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The value of the US Dollar is down…… That translates to HUGE saving for our international buyers.

Prices in Cape Coral are still much lower than our peak, but are steadily rising.


There ARE financing options for foreign nationals available….

The median price for a single family home with gulf access in Cape Coral is $375,000 USD

That is 284062.5 EUR ….


370500.00 CAD

What will it cost you to own your dream home?

If you have been considering investing in a home in SW Florida contact our team today. We can assist you in the search to find the right property in Cape Coral or Fort Myers, negotiated at the right price, financed in the best manner to a smooth closing.

Cape Coral Waterfront homes starting under $200,000

You can buy a waterfront home in Cape Coral under $200,000. There are different types of canals in Cape Coral. Many are fresh water and only lead to other fresh water canals and/or lakes. And there are gulf access canals which can lead you out to the Gulf of Mexico. These properties are obviously priced higher than the freshwater properties in Cape Coral but they are worth it. If you are a boater or just enjoy the waterfront view you should check out what Cape Coral waterfront homes have to offer.

Cape Coral Waterfront homes under $200,000:



Cape Coral Gulf Access Waterfront homes under $500,000
Cape Coral Waterfront homes under $1,000,000
Cape Coral Waterfront homes over $1,000,000