Investing In Facebook Stock or Real Estate

Investing In Facebook Stock or Real Estate

Think you should invest in FaceBook? Not So Fast!

I am sure you have all heard, FaceBook had its IPO this week bringing one of the most cutting edge companies into the public stock market. $100,000,000,000 was the estimated value of the website which makes it worth more than Disney. Really??? Worth more than Disney? Sounds a bit ridiculous if you ask me, a single website that people will surely get bored of within the next 5 to 10 years and that 100 billion will be 12 million just like the ancient MySpace. I really have no idea if Facebook is a good investment or not but I figured if everyone is going to throw around those 100 billion dollar numbers then we should be actually talking about something of REAL value.

So what should you invest your money in then? I am not an investment advisor or tax accountant so the following is just my educated opinion with some fancy stats and charts to look at. Let’s first look at this chart and see what it tells me:

I see a rise and fall every 10 years or so. Look at 1978, the prices shot up then again in 1988, and 1998 the prices rose steadily for about 6 years and they finally dropped back down to the original starting point in 1998. We have hit below the trend line and are starting the way back up slowly. The spike will probably not come for another couple years but the time to buy is now while we are still on that little blue trend line.

How about this chart showing all the way back to the 1800’s. Take notice what happens every time the spike drops…… It goes back up.

Now I’m no rocket surgeon but I am pretty sure these charts are telling us it is time to BUY REAL ESTATE.


And finally here is proof that we are recovering from the latest economic downturn. Since last year we have had double digit increases in at least 10 different markets.

City /ST– Year over Year Increase

1. Miami, FL 32.75%
2. Fort Myers-Cape Coral, FL 21.00%
3. Punta Gorda, FL 19.33%
4. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL 18.60%
5. Boise City, ID 18.15%
6. Sarasota-Bradenton, FL 17.18%
7. Phoenix-Mesa, AZ 16.90%
8. Daytona Beach, FL 15.91%
9. Naples, FL 15.87%
10. Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV(DC) 15.48%

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*** This article is not intended to act as investing advise. Contact your personal banker and or tax accountant .***

Lee County School Choice

Gen Y relocating to Southwest Florida

Gen Y residents are flocking to the Southwest Florida area. New jobs, education, home prices, affordability levels, and of course the sunny weather are some of the reasons we are hearing about. The biggest contributing factor is the local colleges surrounding the area. Graduation rates are increasing and so are the Gen Y incomes. Just here is Lee County alone we have Edison State College, Hodges University, FGSU, Southwest Florida College

Prices corrections have played a huge factor in the new wave of Gen Y buyers moving into the communities. Certain Gated communities such as Sandoval and Cape Royal are seeing a spike in occupancy rates. These communities offer medium priced homes with family amenities which make them much more attractive than your basic community pool and tennis court.

The home ownership opportunities have become within reason for the Gen Y population to justify purchasing a home with value and quality starting to increase. In the early 2000s the prices shot up high and fast which caused uncertainty in the market making it difficult to justify buying homes.

The Gen Y group is attracted to the area for a number of reasons other than housing and schools; the downtown Fort Myers River district has a fantastic night life with multiple restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and coffee shops. The luxury style updates made to the entire district in the past few years has increased the level of interest for all ages. Beautiful Cobble Stone style roads to keep the old time feeling, palm trees lining the roads, and older brick buildings keep the old world feeling with new world amenities.
Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel are always a relaxing choice for the Gen Y population. Beaches in SW Florida are rated some of the best in the country every year.

A few other Neighborhoods that the Gen Y groups tend to be attracted to are Cape Harbour, Gateway of Fort Myers, Colonnade at the Forums, and The Timbers. If you are interested in more information on any of these communities and what they have to offer then contact us at 239-542-8521 or email

Cape Coral’s 24 hr Real Estate Market Statistics

In the past 24 hrs the Cape Coral real estate market has been very busy. Since yesterday 30 new Cape Coral properties have hit the market ranging from $65,000 to $900,000 giving someone in all price points a new opportunity to take advantage of the rising prices in our local Cape Coral real estate. 40 Cape Coral properties have went “pending” or under contract and 10 more sold since yesterday morning. If you are interested in a more in depth report on the Cape Coral real estate market please email or call us right away! Be sure to bookmark us for future Cape Coral real estate stats.

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